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Backflow Prevention
Property managers and business owners, are you aware that local municipalities have or are in the process of establishing By-laws that require all businesses to install a backflow prevention assembly at water service entry and to have them tested and certified yearly?
backflow prevention
Definition of Backflow:  The normal flow of water is from the public water supply system into private water systems; however, backflow (the reversal of flow) could occur as a result of either back-siphonage or back-pressure Backflow can result in potential contamination of the water supply if sources of chemicals, pollutants, toxic substances, communicable bacteria and pathogens, or non-potable water, etc., enter into the public water supply system.
 Many municipalities in southern Ontario have introduced new legislation regarding backflow prevention.  Letters to comply have been sent to many companies.  You must act on these letters!
In the  City of Toronto , it is required by law and other municipalities are establishing cross connection programs designed to protect our potable water supply from pollutants and contamination that can be caused by backflow conditions.  
In Markham, the current Backflow Prevention By-law applies to:
  •  All industrial and commercial properties in Markham.
  • Residential buildings and structures which are individually serviced from the municipal drinking water system through a single connection greater than 50mm in diameter.
  • Residential properties with connections to fire protection or lawn sprinkler or any other potable systems.
The property owner is required to is required to have a certified tester carry out a cross-connection survey of all plumbing in each building or structure every three years and perform backflow prevention device testing and submit a report to the Town every year.
Total Mechanical Ltd. is fully licensed and insured to provide all your backflow and cross connection needs.  Our certified backflow testers will visit your business and provide you with an estimate.  This visit will determine which backflow device is necessary for your business (DCVA, RP and/or PVB).
Total Mechanical provides the followingall inclusive services:
  • The installation of  appropriate premise isolation backflow prevention devices
  • Annual testing of devices.
  • Complete and submit cross-connection surveys as required by city. 
  • Maintenance and repairs.
  • Rectify any non - compliance issues.
All of our services include the following at no extra charge:
  • Completion of all necessary documentation that needs to be filed with your municipality, including permits, drawings and inspection. 
  • Schedule next years annual test.
  • Travel anywhere with in the Greater Toronto Area
  • Free Estimate either by phone, email or site visit
When you are asked by your municipality to comply with the Water Supply By-laws, you are helping prevent the possibility of contamination of water in the waterworks, and protect our safe and clean drinking water.  Nobody wants to see another Walkerton tragedy.  
We are pleased to answer any questions you have regarding this process.   When you hire us, we do all the work to ensure your building is compliant.
Reasons to choose Total Mechanical:
Fully Insured
Backflow preventerbackflow preventerFully Licenced
Certified by OWWA
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Cost Efficient
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